For what real-world applications are neural networks suited for? Good question! Neural networks have broad applicability to real world business problems. In fact, they have already been successfully applied in many industries. Since neural networks are best at identifying patterns or trends in data, they are well suited for prediction or forecasting needs including:

But to give you some more specific examples; ANN are also used in the following specific paradigms: recognition of speakers in communications; diagnosis of hepatitis; recovery of telecommunications from faulty software; interpretation of…

Here I’m creating a setup that can ping GOOGLE but not able to ping FACEBOOK or any other sites from same system. But before starting let’s learn about Routing, Routing table, IP address and Gateway.

What is Routing?

Network routing is the process of selecting a path across one or more networks. The principles of routing can apply to any type of network, from telephone networks to public transportation. In packet-switching networks, such as the Internet, routing selects the paths for Internet Protocol (IP) packets to travel from their origin to their destination. …

In this blog we will create a high availability environment for web servers, so that if there is excess load on one server, it will redirect it to the other server which is a replica of the first server. So that load between the server can be kept balanced, and there would be little to very less threat of server down or server failure.


To get better insight on the reverse proxy configuration, check out the below mentioned blog:

How to write a Ansible Playbook to Configure Reverse Proxy and Configure it with Apache Webserver?

Launch AWS EC2 for Haproxy configuration:

While launching the instances allow…

Kubernetes, also referred to as K8s, is an open source system used to manage Linux Containers across private, public and hybrid cloud environments. In other words, Kubernetes can be used to manage micro service architectures and is deployable on most cloud providers.

Kubernetes automates the deployment, scaling, maintenance, scheduling and operation of multiple application containers across clusters of nodes. Containers run on top of a common shared operating system (OS) on host machines but are isolated from each other unless a user chooses to connect them.

Kubernetes is mainly used by application developers and IT system administrators — including DevOps…


  1. yum configured in all the managed nodes
  2. Install ansible in the controller node
  3. Enter the IP’s of managed nodes in the ansible inventory

What is ansible playbook?

An Ansible playbook is a file where users write Ansible code, an organized collection of scripts defining the work of a server configuration. They describe a set of steps in a general IT process or a policy for your remote systems to enforce. Playbooks consist of one or more plays run in a particular order.

What is HAProxy?

HAProxy is a free, very fast and reliable solution offering high availability, load balancing, and proxying for TCP and HTTP-based applications. It…

About apache:

Apache is the most widely used web server software. Developed and maintained by Apache Software Foundation, Apache is an open source software available for free. It runs on 67% of all web servers in the world. It is fast, reliable, and secure. It can be highly customized to meet the needs of many different environments by using extensions and modules. Most WordPress hosting providers use Apache as their web server software. However, WordPress can run on other web server software as well.

About ansible

Ansible is a software tool that provides simple but powerful automation for cross-platform computer support. It is primarily…

Today’s IT infrastructure is more complex than ever. Our systems span on-premise hardware and software, cloud services, and colocation facilities. We support business applications built on thousands of microservices that need to scale across geographies and respond to changing business requirements rapidly. And, of course, we often have more traditional environments with more requirements for administration and management.

The complexity has grown beyond the point where it can be managed effectively without powerful automation tools to keep all the various components up-to-date and configured correctly. …

In this article, we will configure Hadoop and start Hadoop cluster services using Ansible Playbook.


  1. Install Python
  2. Install Ansible

What is ansible?

Ansible works by connecting to your nodes and pushing out small programs, called “Ansible modules” to them. Ansible then executes these modules (over SSH by default), and removes them when finished. Your library of modules can reside on any machine, and there are no servers, daemons, or databases required.

What is Ansible Playbook?

An Ansible playbook is an organized unit of scripts that defines work for a server configuration managed by the automation tool Ansible.

Architect objective:

  1. Web Server configured on EC2 Instance
  2. Document Root(/var/www/html) made persistent by mounting on EBS Block Device.
  3. Static objects used in code such as pictures stored in S3
  4. Setting up a Content Delivery Network using CloudFront and using the origin domain as S3 bucket.
  5. Finally place the CloudFront URL on the webapp code for security and low latency.


For creating this High Availability Architecture with AWS CLI, you need to know some basic stuff like what is cli, how to create an ec2 instance and EBS volume. …

In November 2007, Google laid the basis to dominate the mobile market by launching Android, an open ­source operating system for smartphones. After eight years to the month, Android has an 80% market share and Google is utilizing a similar stunt, this time with artificial intelligence.

Google later announced TensorFlow, its open ­source platform for machine learning, giving anybody a computer, internet connection and casual background in deep learning algorithms access to one of the most powerful machine learning platforms ever made. More than 50 Google products have embraced TensorFlow to harness deep learning (machine learning utilizing deep neural networks)…

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